5680 King Centre Drive Suite 600 Alexandria, VA 22315

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5680 King Centre Drive Suite 600 Alexandria, VA 22315

5680 King Centre Drive Suite 600 Alexandria, VA 22315

5680 King Centre Drive Suite 600 Alexandria, VA 22315

5680 King Centre Drive Suite 600 Alexandria, VA 22315


What We Do

Passionately supporting policy makers, warfighters and decision makers in defense of our nation.

We provide services and solutions with three critical requirements in mind.

High Quality

Your time is irreplaceable, so Polaris consultants delve into the parameters and objectives of every project in advance. We establish timely, transparent, and efficient program management processes that are scalable with proven quality control processes. This enables our consultants to apply their experience, skills, and knowledge to deliver quality work the first time around.

Rapid Delivery

No matter the size or type of assignment, Polaris commits to achieving your requirements, when it needs to be delivered. We take a holistic management approach: establish direct communication and empower management; enabling responsive delivery of quality solutions, corporate capabilities, and qualified resources. Polaris meets deadlines, so you can keep your initiatives on schedule.

Superior Customer Service

Polaris consultants are friendly, responsive, and willing to go above and beyond to exceed mission requirements. When met by unexpected challenges, they demonstrate adaptability and versatility. Polaris implements comprehensive quality control process to ensure successful execution of program requirements that ensures customer satisfaction.

Our services and capabilities allow us to serve a wide variety of customers. POLARIS is postured to support multiple Government agency’s mission requirements through our SBA 8(a) and IDIQs both as a prime and subcontractor.

Program Management

Program-Management Office Support

Mentor Protégé Program Support

Milestone Development

Project Compliance Reviews

Program Strategy Reviews

Dependencies Reviews

Project Audits

Quality Assurance Reviews


Support for Source Selection and Procurement

Mentor Protégé Program Support

Acquisition Analysis and Strategy

Process Streamlining

Management Control and Reinforcement

Programs Compliance Review

Cost/Price Analysis

Proposal Evaluation

Contract Administration

Contract Close-Outs

Procurement Policy Support


Executive Support

Administrative Communications

Task Management

Calendar Management

Meeting / Conference Support

Records Management

Video Teleconferencing (VTC) / Tandberg Support

Defense Travel System (DTS)

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